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      Paragon CRT® and Dual Axis®

      Paragon helped set the Ortho-K industry standard with its pioneering Paragon CRT® lens. Paragon is the only company in the specialty lens industry to manufacture its own lens designs (Paragon CRT® and Dual Axis®) and lens material (HDS 100®). Both lens designs and material are FDA approved for overnight wear with no age restrictions.1 Lenses can be customized on a variety of parameters including lens power, diameter, base curve, lens tint, and center thickness.

      When it comes to myopia correction, Paragon CRT® has the highest rating in the industry, up to -6.00D sphere with or without up to -1.75 cyl.1 While Paragon CRT® is the proven lens for patients with spherical cornea, their innovative Paragon CRT Dual Axis® lens was designed specifically for patients with corneal astigmatism. The lens is noted for its centration, onset, efficacy, and long-term treatment consistency.

      Paragon CRT® is the lens that sets the standard for contemporary Ortho-K.

      Paragon’s lenses are trusted by patients in over 50 countries. When asked about their experience, CRT wearers report that their expectations were met or exceeded 97.6% of the time.2 n addition to outstanding lens designs, certified practitioners are supported throughout their journey to success with best-in-class Practice Management, Consultation and Marketing resources.

      1 FDA approval letter from 2002 2 Paragon Vision Science, Consumer Survey, Data of File, July 2019

      Lens Benefits


      • Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses are reverse-geometry corneal lenses made of high Dk gas-permeable material.

      Paragon’s FDA approval includes:

      • Myopic correction up to -6.00D with or without astigmatism
      • Astigmatic correction of up to -1.75D
      • No age restrictions/limitations
      • Lens material: Paragon HDS®100 and Menicon Z®

      Paragon CRT® lenses can be customized on a variety of parameters including:

      • Lens power
      • Tint color
      • Diameters/base curve
      • Center thickness

      Prescribing Paragon CRT requires FDA certification. The certification course can be studied and completed at your convenience is as little as 45 minutes.  Click here to Get Started with certification.