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        Myopia Management Portfolio

        One of the world’s largest selections of ortho-k designs and GP materials from some of the world’s top myopia management experts. We offer expertise and technical support on iSee, Paragon CRT, GOV and OrthoTool.

        • Ortho
          Allows doctors to design lenses with computer-assisted software. Developed by Edward Chow, OD an industry innovator and leader in ortho-k designs.
        • iSee®
          High parameter flexibility & customization. Features
          MM PRO™, a customizable retinal defocus profile.
          18 years of patient success.
        • GOV®
          Ideal for the most complex fits. Designed by Arthur Tung, MD one of the world's leading ortho-k designers.
        • Paragon
          Paragon’s pioneering ortho-k system combines immediate dispensability with intuitive design adjustments and lens customization options.

        Guide to Ortho-K Lens Selection

        Two factors that influence the selection of an ortho-k lens design include the level of fitting complexity and the desired level of customization.  This chart provides a roadmap for what ortho-k design to use for different levels of fitting complexity and customization.




        Paragon CRT
        Paragon CRT
        Fitting Complexity

        How To Get Started

        Choose an ortho-k lens design and complete the FDA required certification.  Our consultants will be there to provide expert guidance.  Order online, call consultation, or contact consultation using the online form.

        Why iSee?

        The iSee lens is an advanced ortho-k lens with a level of customization that matches both the doctor’s and the patient’s needs. The design offers greater customization and the flexibility of smaller step changes for moderate or more challenging cases. The lens delivers reliable and predictable results thanks to the state-of-the-art design algorithms that are based on big data from 18 years of proven efficacy. With a track record of two decades of individualized customization, the design supports multiple case complexities for varying degrees of treatment. Ideal for the eye care practitioner who favors customized designs and the lens is straightforward to prescribe either empirically or using a trial set. The proprietary MM PRO™ zone optimizes a custom retinal defocus which is one of the core principles of managing myopia. The advanced design increases mid-peripheral steepening on the cornea. We are confident with the success rates and excellent track record and are able to offer one of the most risk-free warranty policies in the ortho-k industry. Approved in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, and the United States.


        Orthokeratology has become an integral part of my practice and GP Specialists has played a fundamental role in making that possible.

        Our practice has benefited from the depth of knowledge from years of manufacturing and design experience at GP Specialists. The variety of Ortho-K lens designs they offer is a one-stop-shop as no one design is perfect for all patients.

        Partnering with GP Specialist has been the best decision for our practice on both the business and treatment fronts. I would recommend GP Specialists to all practitioners.

        Dr. Sukhdev Gill

        Advanced Eyecare

        Mark Cosgrove at GP Specialists is a master fitter and gives great consulting advice to achieve the best results for my patients. With each difficult situation our practice faces, his lenses hit a home run basically every single time offering 20/20 on the first morning!

        For our toughest patients, he will recommend GOV ortho-k lenses and they have been fabulous for Rx's beyond the scope of parameters & needs that typical ortho-k lenses handle.

        GP makes me and my patients very happy. No fitting sets needed. I'm more than happy dispensing GP Specialists products to my patients and have 100% confidence in doing so.

        Alice A. Cusner

        O.D., P.C.