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    iSee ortho-k lenses

    The iSee ortho-k contact lens is our most advanced orthokeratology lens with a level of customization that matches the doctor and the patient’s needs. Originally receiving FDA approval in 2002 as the Fargo lens and then renamed to iSee, the lens has been prescribed to hundreds of thousands of wearers around the world. This lens is ideal for patients with moderate to advanced myopia with and without astigmatism and for doctors who prefer to customize an ortho-k lens design.

    The proprietary MM PRO™ optimizes a custom retinal defocus which is one of the core principles of managing myopia.

    The lens delivers reliable and predictable results thanks to the state-of-the-art design algorithms that are based on big data from 18 years of proven efficacy.

    With a track record of two decades of individualized customization, the design supports multiple case complexities for varying degrees of treatment. Ideal for the eye care practitioner who favors customized designs and the lens may be prescribed either empirically or using a trial set.  

    The proprietary MM PRO™ optimizes a custom retinal defocus. The advanced design increases mid-peripheral steepening on the cornea. 

    We are confident with the success rates and excellent track record and are able to offer one of the most risk-free warranty policies in the ortho-k industry.

    The lens has FDA Approval for myopia correction. It is approved in the United States, Korea, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

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    Leah Johnson, OD and Mark Cosgrove, General Manager of GP Specialists discuss the iSee ortho-k lens, ideal patient candidates and what makes the lens stand apart. Dr. Sukhdev Gill shares when he prescribes iSee and how the lens integrates into his myopia management practice.

    Lens Benefits


    • The iSee design includes an aspheric base curve, multiple zones, and gas permeable optics that deliver a level of customization to match both the doctor’s and patient’s needs.
    • The treatment zone on the cornea can be tailored to the needs of the patient by increasing or decreasing the optic zone in 0.1 mm steps.
    • The proprietary MM PRO™ zone optimizes a custom retinal defocus which is at the core of managing myopia. The advanced design increases mid-peripheral steepening on the cornea.  The zone is calculated to create high mid-peripheral plus and myopic defocus. It allows the hydraulic forces to flatten the central cornea and form a mid-peripheral ring that may be observed in a topography. This may be changed in 0.12 D steps.
    • The Alignment or Fitting Zone facilitates centration, which is important for positive ortho-k lens outcomes. The aspheric zone aligns with the mid-peripheral cornea to form a wide bearing surface which facilitates centration. The zone is fitted in 0.25 D steps
    • The Peripheral Zone is also known as the edge affects tear exchange and comfort. This aspheric ‘ski edge lift’ creates controlled edge clearance and ensures optimum patient comfort. Widths range from 0.20 mm to 0.60 mm.