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    Myopia Management Practice Integration | Mentorship Program

    This industry-leading myopia management mentorship program is hosted by Dr. Matthew Martin and designed to provide new practitioners the resources to build successful myopia management practices.

    These monthly sessions started in September 2021 and go through 2022 and are open to GP Specialists accounts or eye care professionals looking to start or build a myopia management specialty.

    We polled hundreds of new practitioners and designed the program to address their primary questions and concerns. Sessions will include practice guidelines and tips on the following topics:

    • Defining your myopia management program
    • Practice policies, pricing and office procedures
    • Attracting patients and ideal candidates.
    • Communication with parents, children and staff

    Session 5: How to turn ortho-k into residual income.

    February 24th, 5 pm pst/ 8 pm EST: Register Today

    Dr. Matthew Martin, OD, FAAO will take you through the financial side of ortho-k and show you how to build a pediatric myopia management specialty into a stable reoccurring revenue stream.

    Session 6: Getting referrals. How to find myopia management patients.

    March 24th, 5 pm pst/ 8 pm EST: Register Today

    Dr. Matthew Martin, OD, FAAO will take you through how to build a pediatric myopia management specialty by getting referrals and finding new patients.

    Key Learnings:

    • How and where to find pediatric myopia management patients.
    • The role of the consult in pediatric myopia management.
    • How to build a strong referral program.

    Session 7: Myopia Management Knowledge Check. You don’t know what you don’t know.

    April 21st, 5 pm pst/ 8 pm EST: Register Today

    We receive many questions from eye care professionals about myopia management and orthokeratology. It turns out that some topics should be explained more than once in order to fully understand them. Dr. Martin will take you through some of the more common questions.

    Key Learnings:

    • Peripheral defocus theory
    • Disease co-morbidities and statistics
    • Why it is important to reduce the progression of myopia
    • The mechanics of how ortho-k works
    • When and why to measure axial length

    Hosted by Matthew Martin, OD, FIAOMC

    Matthew Martin, OD, FIAOMC

    Matthew Martin has been practicing for 20 years and specializes in pediatric eye care and myopia management. He’s a Fellow of the International Academy Orthokeratology and Myopia Control, a Retired Board Member of the International Academy Orthokeratology and Myopia Control, and a Founding Member of Mission Myopia Control.

    Watch the previously recorded mentorship sessions. Fill out this form and we will send you the access code.

    Session 1: Developing Your Myopia Management Plan

    Dr. Matthew Martin presents a get-started plan for myopia management that helps identify, treat and manage myopia in children. He reviews the pros and cons of each modality, provides guidance on how to put it all together, and provides tips on how to determine candidacy.

    Session 2: Getting Patients in the Chair and Talking to Parents

    One of the first steps in building a myopia management practice is to figure out how to get patients in the chair. What’s the format for your first evaluation. What are tips, tricks, and ideas for the consult? Should you charge or not charge for the consult?

    Once a patient is in the chair, what is the parent conversation? How do you present the options? How do you involve the child in the conversation? What are simple answers to more difficult parent questions?

    Session 3: Staff Education (attended by staff)

    This mentorship session covers the basic information of myopia management for a staff person in an eye care professional’s office. Dr. Martin covers a broad range of topics from what is myopia management, why practice myopia management, and the different treatment options available to pediatric patients. One hundred percent of webinar attendees rated the information valuable with 100% saying they plan to attend the next session.

    Session 4: Marketing, social media and how to generate excitement

    Dr. Matthew Martin, OD, FAAO will share how he has built a successful myopia management practice by using some easy-to-implement internal and external market tools.

    Key Learnings:

    • Identify key internal and external marketing tools
    • Internal marketing tools that generate interest
    • How to use Social Media to generate referrals and new patients
    • External marketing tools that you can use today.

    To watch the previously recorded mentorship sessions, please fill out this form and we will send you the access code.

    The Knowns and Unknowns of Myopia Management … and other cool stuff.

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