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    The Knowns and Unknowns of Myopia Management … and other cool stuff

    Webinar and Podcast Series

    The series was designed to generate dialog and share different views on what we know and don’t know about myopia management

    Our goal was to create thought-provoking and often controversial conversations that increase the engagement of eye care professionals who are currently practicing or considering the introduction of myopia management into their practice

    This series was moderated by Matt Herzberg, the Executive Director of the AAOMC.

    On-Demand Episodes and Podcasts

    Episode 1: How to be successful with Myopia Management

    Key Learnings:

    • Listen to these experts discuss why and how they created myopia management practices in corporate and private practice settings in a variety of socioeconomic and diverse markets.
    Moderated by Matthew Herzberg, Director of the AAOMC with Nick Despotidis, OD, and Glenda Aleman Moheeputh, OD. Clinical Corner with Leah Johnson, OD.

    Watch Episode 1 on YouTube or listen to the Podcast.

    Key Learnings:

    • What does the research say? What do you tell parents?
    • Listen to these experts discuss lifestyle choices, outdoor time, and genetics and how they factor into myopia management.
    • What do we know about treatment zone sizes?
    • Is measuring axial length a must-have or a nice-to-have?
    Moderated by Matthew Herzberg, Director of the AAOMC with Jonathan Skoner OD FIAOMC and Kathryn Richdale OD PhD. Clinical Corner with Maria Liu OD PhD.

    Watch Episode 2 on YouTube or listen to the Podcast.

    Episode 3: What do I really need? What does it cost? Starting a myopia management practice.

    Moderated by Matt Herzberg, Director of the AAOMC with Sheila Morrison, OD, MS, FSLS and Marie Homa-Palladino, OD

    Watch Episode 3 on YouTube or listen to the Podcast.

    Episode 4: Does myopia management have a place in private practice, big box, and corporate account?

    Watch Episode 4 on YouTube or listen to the Podcast.

    Episode 5: Can ophthalmology and optometry share in managing pediatric myopia?

    Speakers: Cary Herzberg, OD FIAMOC, founder and past President of the AAOMC and Dr. Willy Ky, MD MBA FACS.

    Dr. Ky is a board-certified physician, surgeon, and clinical instructor specializing in Pediatric Ophthalmology and prescribes atropine and ortho-k contact lenses.

    The panel discussion covers the role of ophthalmology and optometry in offering myopia management to pediatric patients.

    Each panelist shared their current myopia management practices and what they think the role of their profession should be in the future.

    Discussion Points:

    • What is and should be the role of optometry and ophthalmology in reducing myopia progression globally?
    • What treatment options do you see OD’s and MD’s prescribing: atropine, ortho-k, and soft multifocals.
    • What needs to happen in your profession to have more doctors offer myopia management treatment options to their pediatric patients?
    • How should optometry and ophthalmology share the myopia management treatments for pediatric patients?

    Episode 6: Practicing Myopia Management from a Pediatric Perspective

    Watch Episode 6 on YouTube or listen to the Podcast.


    Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD FIAMOC: Dr. Bonilla-Warford runs Bright Eyes Kids, a practice that is 100% dedicated to pediatric patients.

    Ashley Wallace Tucker, OD of Bellaire Family Eye Care. Dr. Tucker manages a very successful myopia management specialty clinic within a private practice.

    Clinical Corner: Shelby Leach, OD, FAAO Assistant Clinical Professor at SUNY College of Optometry

    During the clinical corner, Dr. Leach, a pediatric optometrist, and educator will present her top pediatric myopia management tips that help her have a successful pediatric myopia practice.

    Discussion Points:

    • How is practicing pediatric myopia management different from traditional myopia?
    • What does the practice look like and how is the environment different for pediatric myopia management?
    • How did you build your pediatric myopia practice? What tips do you have for eye care professionals starting out?
    • How many pediatric myopia management patients do you see? What’s a good number to target and how does that build over time?
    • What tips do you have in talking to parents and children about myopia management and ortho-k?

    This series is sponsored by GP Specialists and Contamac.