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    The Knowns and Unknowns of Myopia Management … and other cool stuff

    Webinar and Podcast Series

    This new webinar and podcast series is moderated by Matt Herzberg, the Executive Director of the AAOMC.

    The series is designed to generate dialog and share different views on what we know and don’t know about myopia management

    Our goal is to create thought-provoking and often controversial conversations that increase engagement of eye care professionals who are currently practicing or considering the introduction of myopia management into their practice

    Topics Include:

    • How to be successful with myopia management
    • Current trends and myopia research knowns and unknowns from an academic and private practice perspective.
    • Does myopia management have a place in private practice, corporate accounts and big box?
    • Is optometry going to lose myopia management to ophthalmology?
    • What equipment do I need to run a myopia management practice?
    • Why should you or shold you not practice myopia management?

    Episode 2: Myopia Management Trends: Academia vs. Private Practice

    October 14th, 5 pm pst/8 pm EST: Register Today

    The lively panel discussion will go through current trends in myopia management from an academic/research perspective and an in-practice perspective. Questions may include:

    • What do we know about treatment zone sizes from a research standpoint. How does that influence product selection in private practice?
    • What is the importance of axial length? Should we measure it?
    • How does outdoor time and other lifestyle choices factor in? What do you tell parents?

    Up Next

    Episode 3: What’s really needed and what’s the cost to run a myopia management practice? November 10th Register

    Episode 4: Does myopia management have a place in private practice, big box, and corporate accounts? December 8th Register.

    Episode 1: How to be succesful with Myopia Management

    Watch on YouTube or listen to the Podcast.

    Key Learnings:

    • Listen to these experts discuss why and how they created myopia management practices in corporate and private practice settings in a variety of socioeconomic and diverse markets.

    This series is sponsored by GP Specialists and Contamac.